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Our business is based and started in the tri cities area or more exactly close to the fairgrounds in kennewick now expanding little by little in departments such as PHOTOGRAPHY (RM PHOTOGRAPHY) and Piñatas (DALE DALE DALE PARTY SALES), also looking to serve other studied cities such as Las Vegas, and Seattle.


We are a small family owned business and live in WEST RICHLAND that started with an old Ford F-150 pick up truck and basic tools back in 2018 but learned along the way. we are big believers in investing todays for a better tomorrow without forgetting the top priority which is first safety and then clients.


We have experienced many clients that have gone thru amateur mistakes like overbooking their unit or arriving extremely late to a delivery or failing to setup a unit properly thus damaging sprinkler lines and even sometimes property damage, or worst having a unit setup in a very dangerous spot! Or no sand bags setup when needed. Although things can happen If you do choose us for your party needs, we will take you serious we are a serious business and will handle the task in the most efficient professional manner. 

the beginning days
family owned business
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